With the attention of many focused on the tax reform discussion in Washington, taxpayers should remember that there are meaningful state ballot initiatives, referendums, and constitutional amendments to be decided in many states and localities across the nation. While these may not match the level of headlines as national politics in the political media, decisions at the lowest level can have the greatest impact in the everyday lives of all Americans.

Since 1969, National Taxpayers Union (NTU) has proudly served as the “voice of America’s taxpayers.” Our efforts represent taxpayer interests at all levels of government; from the White House and Capitol Building, all the way down to the statehouse and city hall. We know that excessive spending and out of control debt will have to be paid back by future generations of taxpayers. That’s why NTU is fighting to reduce spending today, so tomorrow’s generation won’t be left with the bill.


NTU’s 2017 ballot guide provides in depth analysis on a number of local measures affecting taxpayers’ wallets and the size of government. Ballot guide is meant as an educational resource that takes into account how it will impact the wallets of taxpayers in places all across the country. Our analysis looks at all ballot initiatives in the largest cities like Los Angeles and Dallas, to small towns in New Jersey and Arizona. Giving all voters the ability to fully understand what they are voting for is vital to a prosperous democracy.

Finally, NTU would like to thank the Lucy Burns Institute and Ballotpedia for their efforts at identifying and tracking ballot measures, many of which appear in our analysis.

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The various measures, propositions, initiatives, referenda, proposals, and amendments are listed by state.

Measures that could lower taxes, reduce spending, or restrain government growth are listed with a checkmark.

Measures that could raise taxes, increase spending, or expand government are listed with a red x. 

Measures that are revenue neutral or have an unclear or mixed fiscal impact are denoted with a neutral circle.

This guide is for informational purposes only; it is not intended to provide endorsements or recommendations to voters.

Note: All measures will be decided on Tuesday, November 7, 2017, unless otherwise noted.


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2017 General Election Ballot Guide

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